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1723: Equine shiatsu for beginners (English)


A unique bond with your horse!

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In this training you will learn through 10 simple and short video lessons how you can give your horse a wonderfully relaxing massage. By using the ancient techniques of Shiatsu you not only bring peace and relaxation to your horse’s body, you also stimulate the natural immune system so that your horse recovers quickly from common ailments.
It’s pure quality time, for your horse and for yourself!

This treatment provides:
✔️ Deep and healing relaxation for your horse
✔️ Relaxation for yourself
✔️ Energetic balance in your horse’s body
✔️ Your horse’s immune system is stimulated
✔️ Small physical ailments and stress disappear like snow in the sun
✔️ The bond with your horse is strengthened
✔️ Stiff muscles are a thing of the past
✔️ You avoid vet costs because you notice any problems much earlier

Who is this training for?

For every horse owner or enthusiast and for everyone who just likes to work with horses.
Whether you practice equestrian sports, recreationally or competitively, or you simply enjoy being around horses, you want nothing more than for your horse to be healthy and happy. This treatment ensures a happy horse in a healthy body.
Take an hour break from the hectic life 2-3 times a month and spend this time making your horse healthy and happy, and stimulating the intense connection you already have.
You will be amazed at the results!


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